I turned Auschwitz into a classroom

An interview with dr. Edith Eger

“If we do not permit ourselves to grieve over our sorrows, our wounds and disappointments, we are doomed to keep reliving them. You can find freedom in accepting what happened. Freedom means gathering the strength to break down the walls of the prison, brick by brick.”

Klaartje van Gasteren, Jakob van Wielink and Marnix Reijmerink from De School voor Transitie fly to San Diego to meet dr. Edith Eva Eger in July 2018. After reading her international bestseller The Choice: Living in Freedom – a book with a radical appeal to live our lives not as victims, but as free people – they were convinced: we have to meet her!

All three are moved by this impactful journey. A meeting with a woman who survived Auschwitz and the horrors of the camp, and rebuilt her life brick by brick, by breaking down the walls of her trauma. It is dr. Eger’s message to the world to enjoy every moment of life, not to forget the past, but to live in the present.

Klaartje, Jakob and Marnix wrote an article about their journey and the conversation with dr. Eger, which was published in Journal for Coaching in March 2019: