Your journey of leadership and transition starts here!

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Your journey of leadership and transition starts here!

As a medical doctor and a leader in a medical organization, in a university hospital or medical center you face many challenges. The healthcare sector is in constant flux, changes follow each other in quick succession and medical organizations become increasingly complex. And maybe even foremost, the medical profession is intrinsically connected to human change, loss and transition.

A new generation of employees enter the medical profession and their organizations with different expectations, needs and challenges. As a MD with a managerial role you constantly face a large amount of paradoxes. Action and reprieve, attention to the other and yourself, showing vulnerability and closing yourself off, focusing on results and focusing on people and relationships; these are just a few.

In our four-day high end and state-of-the-art training program around Secure Base Leadership, transition and calling, you will make a deep introspective dive into your leadership style. We will take you to the roots of your leadership and invite you to discover how they impact your everyday practice. The course is deeply embedded in the latest research regarding emotional intelligence. It enables you to deepen your influencing and dialogue skills far beyond text book knowledge. The course will give you an in depth journey into your calling and it’s translation into different roles in your life and choices that stem from them.

The four-day program: Goals and Results

We invite you to our exclusive five-day program in which you will not only make a deep dive into your own leadership but also will find the core of what drives you in all the different roles you have in life: your calling.

This program is intensive and experiential. We use a large variety of work methods that create connection between the brain, the heart and the hands. The participants each put in their own (personal) casuistry and are prepared to have an open, inquisitive and vulnerable attitude. They do so from a vision that requires both strength and vulnerability to excel as a leader.

Download our brochure and see what this four-day Secure Base Leadership training program can mean to you!

Practical information

When: 23 April 2020 – 26 April 2020

Location: Seehotel Niedernberg, Niedernberg

Investment: € 3.999,00 | full boarding | exempt from VAT

Working language: English. Two trainers are fluent in German.

Information & Registration: Please send an email to after which we will get in touch with you to complete the registration.