Leadership and Managing Fear in Times of Crisis

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In these uncertain times we are talking to many leaders about what the crisis is bringing out in them as individuals and in the organizations or departments they lead. The very first question is how to handle fear – and sometimes even panic – in employees in a healthy way. Leaders too recognize feelings of fear and panic in themselves. Reason enough to pause and think about it.

Dr. Riet Fiddelaers- Jaspers (Center of Expertise for Dealing with Loss) and Jakob van Wielink (De School voor Transitie) wrote the article ‘Leadership and managing fear in times of crisis. Not every dramatic event causes trauma!’

The Center of Expertise for Dealing with Loss and De School voor Transitie also developed the onepager ‘Leadership and the management of fear’. A practical guideline to support leaders at this time - some do’s and don’ts. It’s the second onepager after ‘The Secure Base Leader. Bond with your employees in times of crisis and transition’.

You can download the article here.

You can download the pdf of the one pager here, and the jpg here. Feel free to share these by mail or Whatsapp – another gift to you for this journey.