Crisis & Transition: how do you lead yourself and others?

Ga terug

A crisis is the ultimate opportunity for tapping into development and growth potential. In this way a crisis can become a transition. This means that we grow in our identity and that we can (re)discover our calling as a leader and the calling of our organization.

A crisis takes us from an old to a new reality. What does that reality look like for you as a leader and your organization? How do you lead by example?

How do you recognize the movements of living, surviving and integrating in your own life and that of (the employees in) your organization? How are you talking about it?

We created a window that can be the starting point for a dialogue with you as a leader and for you and your organization.

We invite you to have a look. Maybe you share it with colleagues. You may put it on a table as a basis for further dialogue.

Download the pdf and jpg of this window on crisis and transition here, on the go. For example, you can easily share the jpg via WhatsApp with your colleagues.