Take off your armor. Surrender to 'not-knowing'

In conversation with Bob Neimeyer about leadership and transition

In a series of interviews, Klaartje van Gasteren, Marnix Reijmerink and Jakob van Wielink talk to international thinkers, all of whom demonstrate that discovering and recognizing our vulnerability allows us to uncover our talent and potential. These are the stories of people who dare to show themselves and invite and challenge readers to do the same.

In this interview Robert A. Neimeyer talks about leadership and shaping transition. The present time challenges us to face our own discomfort and our tendency to focus on the satisfaction of short-term needs. Leadership at every level requires the willingness to take off our armor and enter into a conversation so that hearts open, new ideas arise and energy (again) starts flowing. This makes real change, big and small, possible. 

“2020 is different from 2019 in every way. The world has changed and we have to keep up, whether we want to or not,” says Neimeyer. "But the question is whether we will be able to change at this rate." This crisis demands an unnatural movement from us on many fronts.

The interview is published in the Journal for Coaching in December 2020 in the series ‘Reveal your authentic self’: